dealscorsair flash voyager 16gb usb 2.0 flash driveā€¦


Mail in rebate...AARRGGHHHH...I just cannot do these anymore. I spend an extra buck and save the hassle. I still upvoted it as a good deal!


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@wvutkep1002: Preeeety sure he said that already.


Why, Newegg, why must you taunt me with your mail in rebates? Do you enjoy our suffering? I've mentioned this on another posting for this same item: Corsair is not the best when it comes to processing and honoring these. Not as bad as, say, cell phone companies or TigerDirect, but not good either.
Still, this is a maybe.


this is such a bummer. People should include MIR in the title.


@magiclela: haha my bad.

Preeeeeety sure she said that already.

and I'm preeeeeety sure she asked for pecan sandies.
(It's an American Dad reference)


@firebirdude: just clarifying how much the discount is, details details details


@firebirdude: In all fairness, nobody said anything about 10% off flash drives :)
The OP says we need the code, but I didn't know what it was for until @wvutkep1002 pointed it out


I would have sworn these were the drives that had a reputation for being so fast, but the reviews at newegg don't seem to mention that. I need a drive fast enough to run programs off and my super small Verbatin Tuff n' Tiny drives are really slow. (actually 2g is pretty fast, 16g is pretty slow).


I bought the 32GB one approximately 2 weeks ago from Newegg and have already received my mail in rebate. It works awesomely in my 360 for media.


Even without the rebate it's only $12.59, which is a pretty good price for a 16gb drive. I'm grabbing one.