dealskrispy kreme donuts — get 1 dozen free (at…


can't find it listed on website or facebook??


Las Vegas. Take that $388 dollar trip and get yer free dozen. Free I tell ya!


I just called my local store in Louisville, KY & they are not running this promotion (though the manager announced that he thought it a great idea that he'll suggest to corporate for next year!).

They also told me that sometimes the franchises run promos like this, but the store by me is corporate & they go by company policy, so none of the corporate stores will have this deal. It's likely just one or two specific franchises somewhere.

Shame, really... I hate sweets but wanted to pick some up for my dad today!


@nangiggles: NO #$%@#^

This is only good at corporate store. Pissed me off when I went in there earlier and found this out.
Way to go KK, hide some of that critical information.


This is only at corporate stores


Krispy Kreme discriminates against the outer boroughs in NYC!. Why Manhattan only?

Say NO to Krispy Kreme in NYC!!!


Nationwide deal, but check your local stores! A few aren't doing it.