deals- free - stainless steel flask + shipping


Okay so its not free. Its $4.99.

But the code w/ the flask lets you order other products on the site with essentially free shipping since they charge you $4.99 for the flask.

So the code is for a $4.99 flask with free shipping on other items in your order.


@teenracer6: technically you're not correct (note i didn't say you are wrong). they normally charge shipping of 4.99 per item. this way you pay the shipping on the first item which was free, and get free shipping on all else. however you aren't wrong because to get the "free" item and the bonus, you do have to pay the 4.99. i know. i know. the world of technicalities.


Eight ounces? This flask is only $10 shipped and it holds eight times as much:

It's not as concealable or practical, to be sure, but it definitely wins in an ounces-per-dollar contest.


@cleverett: maybe you should just start drinking from the original container and save the pour over spill possibility. just kidding.


Here's a $4.39 hip flask from a "bit more reputable" online retailer. AND it has free shipping.

Just saved yalls $.60. You're welcome.

I forgot to mention, this one holds 50% more than the OP.

vote-for0vote-against WITH bonus? It's free, AND there's a bonus on top of that?


Ever get a flask as a gift? I think giving someone a flask is a nice way of saying, "hey, you seem like a drunk on the go. You strike me as needing hard liquor at all times. It'd be good for you in your car."



Or THIS one:

Comes with the funnel and free shipping. There's also a six-pack of flasks for $15.95.


Geez, I feel the need for an intervention here...


Whereas the flask may not be the best deal available on the interwebs, I have to put in a good word for 13deals and the Jammin' Butter guys. They do have some good deals on the site, and their customer support is fantastic. I had a complaint with an order I placed with them. Long story, and they didn't really have to do anything for me if they didn't want to. I just wanted to let them know I was moderately unhappy with something in the order, and they went above and beyond to make me happy! Where most retailers would have likely told me to pound sand since they already had my money, they listened and did something to rectify the situation. I appreciate that kind of concern for their customers and that leads to repeat business. I would definitely order from them again. Again, the flask may not be the cheapest, but the deal is good if you find some other things you like on the site. Go shopping!


@moosezilla: I don't actually own a flask, I was just providing a bang-for-the-buck analysis for others. 8 ounces for $5 or 64 ounces for $10...seems like pretty basic math to me. The reason I posted it is because someone that needs to carry 64 ounces of hooch with them at all times might not be the best at spotting deals (or anything else, for that matter).

I'm thinking that the 64-ounce flask should have strap attachments so you can wear it like a backpack.


We need a new rule on deals.woot where if an item isn't actually free, it shouldn't be allowed to be advertised as free. Really misleading.


@mainsjn: Agreed. If it costs to ship, then just say it as the total price.

Free, but pay for shipping is BS.