dealscorsair flash voyager 32gb usb 2.0 flash drive…


This is a decent drive BUT you really should put the "after MIR" as part of the OP. It is misleading without it, particularly since Corsair is not known as one of the better players in the MIR field. Not at bad as some, but worse than many.


I think the way you posted it is fine, with MIR as your only line of description. Drive-by voters won't like it as much (like me) but, if I was really interested in purchasing, I would know what I was getting into right-off-the-bat.


Whoops, I didn't mean for the title to be misleading!

I purchased a 16g Flash Voyager some years ago and got my mail-in rebate just fine, but I have known a few people to have experienced difficulty in securing their MIRs on other Corsair products.

Sorry for deceptively seductive price in the main title; hopefully buyers will get their rebates. (It's also my first post so I really appreciate the feedback!)

*UPDATE: This deal is SOLD OUT.


If you noted it was sold out, you should expire it