deals32 gb toshiba thrive tablet with android 3.2 os…


Smokin' deal, too bad I already have the 16gb. Great tablet with lots of features!


Owned it. Returned it. Just bought it again for less money and twice the memory (albeit refurbed). Great tablet. A little on the heavy side, but my left wrist muscles need a workout anyway.


I would definitely be in for one if I hadn't bought the $325 Xoom on here a while back.


Really awesome deal! bought the 16gb last time they had it on woot! the best part about this tablet is the interchangeable battery and the ports...


Owned it. Returned it. It's like driving an old clunker after using my Touchpad that runs both WebOS and Android Gingerbread 2.3 w/ the apps market for both.


my buddy has one of these and he loves it. the only thing that deters me from this deal is the 90-day warranty. if it breaks down after 3 months, you're screwed...


Yea Im in the Touchpad corner. Bought 5 of them during the chaos and just recently sold 1 which Im regretting because the next day they released 3.5 and man, only a few jitters. Very nice tablet and great work by the CM7 team.


I ordered one returned and the screen was bad. After reading up on other people's experiences I just don't trust Toshiba's refurb process... I will say it seems like a great tablet, just as long as you get a good one.


Many people have reported an issue with refurbed Thrives where the Android software updates won't install properly. I'm one of those people. Toshiba Support has thus far been less than helpful, but there is a workaround involving rooting [ ]


wow,great deal! Waiting for a transformer though!


Sold out - deal dead.

I love my Thrive 16 gb!