dealsall video games - buy any two get oneā€¦


how do i get the third one free? I added to cart and havent seen the discount. does this not work on pre-orders? where is the Promo Code?


@notoriouscheech: Pick your three games, and go to check out. When you're putting in your shipping info, it has the total on the right, which shows the discount. I tested it on three random games.


@notoriouscheech: There are no Promo Codes for this offer, it is an automatic discount. You will not see the discount until after you start the check out procedure. I saw my discount as I was entering my name and address.


I went all the way through to the last button that would complete the order an no discount.


PC games not included :( I guess they think nobody games on PC's anymore so why bother giving them a discount.


@dartman: I was at Target this morning and the PC games were included on the B2G1 offer. I was actually looking for HOTS but they only had SC2. :(


Thanks for that info, their site just shows the deal on the console games and not the PC ones as they have the deals in part of the description for each game. I doubt I can afford 2 anyways but that makes me feel better as I have bought games at Target on similar deals before for my PC. It does make sense but?!


Its only some games not the ones I am considering(PC) in the online store anyway.


It will say below the game title (along with the free shipping offer) if it's available for the deal.


@dartman: They know that they can't compete with Steam on PC game sales so they don't even try.


I wish this deal lasted until BioShock came out, it doesn't work with pre-orders does it?


I just confirmed that it does NOT work on pre-orders. What a bummer. Still a good deal.


Just got God of War: Ascension, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and a 2K13 pack (MLB 2013 and NBA 2013 - for $80)

Spent $140 for the 4. Badass deal.


Of course, Target also charges more than most places for older games. For example, LBP Karting. Target has it for $60, Amazon has it for $30.

Not saying all of them are bad deals, just be sure you check the prices on each game before you buy to maximize on the deal.


@kev50027: This works on preorders as well dude.


it's not ALL video games, make sure it says buy 2 get one in the description


Target does this every few months. It's a great deal and, the past 2 times, has applied to retail boxed WoW time cards (at least in-store) which cuts your per month (actually 30 day) cost down to $10 plus tax ($60 for 3*60 day cards).

Last time Target did this, it didn't apply to those hanging Minecraft cards (needed 2 copies for the kids and hoped to get a 3rd for free).


Apparently it doesn't work for preorders of the upcoming Pokemon games. Welp, I'm out.