dealsfirst-up 10' x 10' canopy/gazebo for $69.00…


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I have four of these, that I have used for a few years now at outdoor events for my business. Very sturdy, very easy to use, and they are tight and low-profile so they're not a problem in bad weather. You'll want to get your own stakes and ropes, but this is a great deal. I paid $99 for mine.


I'm curious as to how these compare to the similar (visibly identical) E-Z Up gazebos. The E-Z Up I used car camping at a concert was phenomenal and very sturdy. Rained horribly one day, brutal sun the next two days. Didn't need stakes or ropes all weekend. Wasn't terribly windy, though. I'd hold off for another E-Z Up, unless someone told me they were one in the same.

One thing I liked about the E-Z up was that the case you zipped the tent up into was on wheels, so you could push it or pull it behind you like its a regular box on a hand truck.


I will warn you, we have owned 2 of these. This year two friends bought one each too. The ones our friends bought, the canopy tent material was cheaper then our older ones. It was thinner and didn't have a silver lining to help with keeping the sun in check. That being said, $69 is a great deal.


These are much easier to set up than the EZ Up. We were at an event and had ours done and up in a fraction of the time any of the other groups took. Ours does have a zip up wheeled bag.


I bought this exact one,had wheels on the bag, has silver lining....but isn't as sturdy as say the 400 buck Commercial EZ up. You get what you pay for.
Also - wind usually breaks these, so if you have any hint of bad weather, stake, and guy it out, and you will have a better chance of surviving bad weather intact. The second one of these blows over, it's done.


This canopy is a fabulous buy. Comes with heavy duty zip up case with wheels. You can also get a tent that fits under the canopy and allows for 6' persons to walk around comfortably. Beware that you must apply seam seal such as Seal Grip or you will get drenched in heavy rain. The stitching leaks! Unfortunately it takes two persons to set up, but can be done by one person if you work at it.