dealsbarska biometric safe: sports & outdoors for $149…


I see you have been here awhile, but you may not be familiar with some of the rules. They did not all make it into the FAQ. So you can avoid having deals deleted, here are the rest of the rules and FAQ:

This one.
A deal may be removed if:
Ebay/Amazon sellers may be removed if they do not have 1000 user ratings/feedback



Why, 6 months after this deal was posted, did you decide to comment on it?
Also, why are you acting as a site "do gooder". You have neither posted a deal or participated other then making comments on others deals. I also question the legitimacy of the .doc file link you have provided to me and others.

If you are an employee of Woot or a unpaid/volunteer moderator, you should justify your comments by saying so. Otherwise, keep you thoughts to yourself.

I have reported your activity to the site moderators.


@kelomaki: Looks like you only have one other Amazon deal between 6 months and today. Likely she ran across it in a recent search, rather than "waiting" until now to help. We have very few people as helpful as @questionsanswered.
The document is legitimate. It was made by another very helpful person @lichme
Here is the original post:

It was made before we had a FAQ. And it continues to be used as it goes into far more detail than we can put into our FAQ.

This is not the first time you have vented on someone trying to be helpful. We depend on our Wootizens to tattle when they see someone breaking the rules. Because we are few, and they are many.