deals18 gal. zero nest tote - blue or silver for $3.88


$3.49 if you're a Craftman Club Member


These make good cat litter boxes as well (the high sides keep things in the box).


Seemed nice, and the price is reasonable...


psssh i got the same thing at home depot for $1.43 recently. now THAT was a deal.


@baqui63: do you use the lid to trap the stench too? :)


Yep! I got the same deal as yesenia did @ Home Depot. $1.43 for a 20 gallon at the end of June. They came in very handy since we bought over $500 in fireworks on the way home. The guy I buy my fireworks from started apologizing that he was out of cardboard boxes. No problem! I have 10 totes in the back of the Durango!

Also it looks like they're still going on Clearance at Home Depots across the country still.



We've never had odor problems if we scoop the box out at least two times a week and completely change out the litter about every six weeks. One advantage to the tote-litter-box is that we have 6" of litter in the box and don't have to worry about them kicking it out or missing the box. (There still are issues with litter on their feet when they jump out but there is no real solution to this.)

We did consider cutting a large hole in the lid to make it like this Clevercat one from Amazon but didn't see the point.