dealspep boys printable coupon: brake inspection and…


Anyone stupid enough to take up Pep Boys on this offer deserves all the car trouble they get afterwards.


Is it really free if all you get is the upsell afterwards? It's PB ... you are practically guaranteed that "Oh, your brake pads are so low that we legally can't even let you drive out. It's a good thing we checked them. BTW, our special is only $$$ today."

The last time my uncle took his car to PB to get a quote, he ended up going to the Toyota dealer instead because they were cheaper!


@narfcake: The really bad part is the fact that I've heard the "we legally can't even let you drive out" repeated by a couple of my customers at the last shop I managed. Called from PB & were panicky. I told 'em to just ask to use the phone so they could call 911 to report they were being held against their will.
They drove out in a couple of minutes.
So much for not wanting to drive across town for a brake check, and free usually isn't.