dealsceramic soup mug w/lid for $2.99


I was so close to ordering one. I just picked something like this up last night, but $4.50 shipping isn't worth it for one mug. I only live 60 miles from the factory, so this appears to be the base rate.

Still gave it a thumb's up because it is a great deal to anyone who needs to order more than 1


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I have one of these. Don't put the cover in a dishwasher or even put it on when there's hot soup in the mug. It will twist and warp and be useless from then on. Great mug, though. Shipping does seem to be a bit of a deal breaker. I got mine at Christmas Tree Shoppe.


This code works for %10 off .. UPROM11

And If you buy 1 or 100 the shipping is $4.50


@jonthomasdesigns: The standard shipping cost changed from $4.50 to $6.50 when I increased the number of mugs in my cart from 4 to 6. I haven't yet worked out how they determine the amount of shipping.


In the off chance that you live by a "Christmas Tree Shop" B&M store, they have these for under $2.


FYI - Just ordered 12 - shipping $8.50