dealsapple 8gb ipod touch – 3rd gen for $120.48 + $5…


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Feb 24, 2012

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Apple MC540LL/A iPod touch 4th Gen 8GB MP3 Player
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See my receipt above for the CURRENT Gen Touch purchased from Best Buys online site. Used but like new.


Note that this is not the current version, but the previous generation, hence the lower price.


At 120.49 it's too much but 120.28? Hmmm....

Kind of a weird price point today...


I can sell my 4th Gen for this price and still not lose.


It's actually 2nd gen and can't be updated past iOS 4.2.1. Apple never made a 3rd gen 8gb model, only 32gb and 64gb.


buuuuu, bad woot. Nobody wants to hand out $ for this, that philiips was better player.


Its false advertising, this is second generation, they didn't make a 8gb third gen iPod. They only made a 32 & 64GB 3rd gen. You should correct because you can't upgrade these to the new ios, way over priced too.


Best Buy is offering this, but for more money. (for some reason this url won't work, just highlight and copy it into a new window)


Just a heads up - those are not Apple earbuds.



@cub312: that best buy deal is the worst yet. You can get 4th gen playerdirectly from apple, refurbished by them for 10 $ less


As someone who owns 2 of these (bought brand new a couple of years ago), I'll also confirm an 8GB 3rd gen is 3rd gen in name only. It has 2nd gen internals, so it's a "retro device" in Apple's world.

There's still a ton of apps this gen of iPod Touch can run. But apps are now starting to pass it by. For example, Angry Birds Space will not work on this iPod, as it's not iOS 5 compatible. iOS 4.2.1 is the limit, and it's not as smooth as it was running iOS 3.

But if you can deal with the limitations, I can still recommend it. I use my iPod Touch every day.


The headphones that are bundled with this look curiously FAKE...


Woot wouldn't purposely misadvertise a product as part of the april fools scheme, would they?


If these refurbs are anything like the 8gb fourth gens that woot sold a few days ago, I got an iPod with a plain back, no apple logo or iPod marking or anything else for that matter. The glass looks horrible around the edges and it came with headphones that look like the ones you could buy at your local 99 cents only stores. Worst refurb job EVER! Buyer beware.

Edit: Finally looked at the pics. You will get one with a blank back.


@walkingsnake: Sadly, I'm thinking that they fell for the same thing that many before them did. The only difference between the "3rd" and "2nd" generation 8GB iPod Touch was the OS it came with originally. Those manufactured after the 3rd generation was released came with the iOS 3.x version of the OS (Which the previous ones could be upgraded to through iTunes regardless.)

Many retailers at the time, including Best Buy, advertised the 8GB model as "3rd" generation, even though Apple never released an 8GB 3rd generation iPod Touch.

This has led to a great deal of confusion over the past couple of years - But ultimately, this is a 2nd generation model and should be labeled as such.. You could try contacting Woot to let them know of the issue so they can correct it. I shall do the same.


@dliidlii: WOW IS THIS REAL! Cuz if so, what a slammin deal this goes for AT LEAST $60 more USED on ebay or CL! yeah $120 seems awfully high for this used 3g 8GB touch! I got I think it was a 32GB used 3g touch on Glyde of roughly $85 recently & saved a bit more with the 15% off special they're currently running on ipods! I happened to have $75 in Glyde credit, I forgot I even had from selling a few extra copies of those Best Buy xbox game deals from back in Dec so it WAS LIKE MINE FOR $5 outta pocket :) Cheers!


i don't know why people keep wasting their money on these things.
i got a 120 gb zune for less, and it plays ALL of my music.
if you consider yourself a fan of music, why would you limit yourself to 8 gb?
and, if you're an apple fan, why is it okay that, even when you do BUY music from them, the files are twice as big as they should/could be?
that just makes your 8 gbs act like 4-5 gbs, and gives you a reason to have to buy a larger itouch, while giving @girlbytes something to complain about when she's shopping for the mp3 player YOU paid too much for (but, now, are straining to get at LEAST a fraction of what you paid back by going to craigslist and ebay)?
stop abusing technology and USE technology.
[stepping offa my soapbox now, kthx]


@girlbytes: Do your postings come with a decoder of some sort,if so I need one!


@rafalosophy: because I couldn't play Words with Friends on my HD Zune...


good description of the pros & cons - and why an 8GB gen 3rd gen isn't really a 3rd gen iTouch:


Apple did not MAKE an 8gb 3rd generation iTouch. Check the serial number before opening. Call Apple, they will confirm. Bogus offer.


It's strongly disappointing me that Woot has NOT addressed this... why misadvertise? Thought they had better customer service, maybe they're just bombarded by April Fools pranks.


They are just waiting for the day when there are no more comments and they can get their claws into the suckers. It happened with Yugster.


What is the difference between this generation and 4th generation??


No cameras, slower processor, not upgradable to iOS 5 (the most recent ipod/iphone software), lower resolution screen. I think the hold switch is on the opposite side compared to the 4th generation too.

I may be missing some stuff too but those are the most obvious ones.


But don’t take the words of us as to be proof! Instead, peer to this informational illustrative:


You are all incredibly wrong. Most of you are saying that Apple did not release an 8gb 3rd gen ipod touch. False. What they did not release was a 16gb touch. They stopped production of the 16gb touch with the 2nd generation. I actually purchased an 8gb 3rd generation touch, and it was very, very different from my friend's 16gb 2nd generation touch. Faster, more capable, and ran much more smoothly.


Not to pile on, but there is no 3rg generation iPod Touch. Here's the link from Apple on how to identify an iPod:

Note that the only 3rd gen models are 32GB and 64GB. The 8GB is a 2nd gen model that can only be upgraded to iOS 4.2 and is increasingly being marginalized as far as software goes. (It's sort of a PITA to write software that's still compatible with it.)


Hey guys, we're looking into this issue about the 2nd gen/3rd gen error. Will let you know as soon as we figure it all out. Thanks for your patience.


@kkshields: Maybe I'm a bit over-reacting, but I'm extremely disappointed that Woot didn't respond until 12 hours after the sale was over. Surely someone was checking these boards and could've chimed in, since even Apple concurs that this iPod isn't 3rd gen and shouldn't be advertised as such.

I only mention this because Woot tends to be so on-the-ball with responding to their own community, but not in this case. This thread is... well, the anti-Woot.


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