dealsdiamond twist pendant in .925 sterling silver for…

vote-for-1vote-against an incredibly half-assed looking pendant. It looks like they were drawing a G-clef and then realised halfway through they didn't know what a G-clef looked like and didn't feel like looking it up so they lazily fumbled it into a kinda-sorta awareness ribbon without bothering to erase any of the original lines. And Szul is the same company whose previous abominations and crimes against good taste have included the black Donkey Kong barrel and the robot sperm.


Wow...and here I was thinking this pendant was kind of cool looking. I've bought stuff from Szul in the past and been very happy with the products I've received. If you're expecting anything other than tiny diamonds for $29 then you might want to readjust your expectations.


I have to agree with offline999 in terms of expectations. You need to realize that you're getting an 18" sterling silver chain as well as a sterling silver pendant. You're also getting .06 ctw in diamonds. To expect .06 carats divided into 12 stones to amount to much is unrealistic. I don't think it's a bad price for what you get.


I agree completely with offline999 and crusadergurl, except that the 6mm "stone" in the middle is a tiny diamond (0.005 carat) in an "illusion setting" which, if you don't look closely at the image, or if you don't know what that is, could easily be mistaken for a large stone. Granted, you shouldn't expect it for a such a modest price, but it still seems deceptive to me.

Illusion settings were used in the past to make a diamond look larger, usually by 1mm or so at most. Done right it can really make a beautiful, well cut but smaller diamond look fantastic.

Putting a 1mm stone on 6mm of faceted silver is not an illusion, it is a scam. IRL there is no way to mistake this kind of illusion setting for a real diamond. It will look like kiddie costume jewelry. And if that is the intention, why put diamonds in it at all?