dealskingston hyperx 120g 2.5" 120gb sata iii mlc…


A deal is $0.50-$0.60 per GB not almost $1 per GB. This is no deal! This same drive has been $30-40 less in the past week.


Yeah this is a pretty poor price when it comes to calling it a deal. I've seen other name brands for around $80 with just as much space and speed.


i got this exact drive from
Same price, but there was a 30 dollar rebate, so it came to 90 bucks.
Hold out for a better deal.

Edit** and looking again, there is a 35 dollar rebate on the site. Not sure why poster did not include that in his price. 122.99 - 35 = 87.99
Rebate expires... Today 8/10


A deal for this drive is in the $80-90 range. I've bought it at $80 (stand alone, instant price drop), $85 (upgrade kit, rebate). and seen it multiple times in the $80-90 range on amazon,, newegg and tigerdirect in the last month or two. Today only it's $78 on with rebate.