dealsthe day the earth stood still (blu-ray) (with…


A great movie at a great price make an excellent combination. Thanks for posting this deal.


Wow...The original is a Sci-Fi classic...this one is 'meh'. I like all the actors except Reeves. He was at his apex with the Matrix series. Bill and Ted, for being a cornball movie, was ok...but his wooden acting in this turned me off. The movie itself is good with good effects (the park scene towards the end is really good CGI)....but this is one of those movies if you like REALLY liked it. If you didn't? Well, we can always watch "Point Break"....


New one stinks, but almost worth it just to get the original, with Jennifer Connelly as a bonus....


WOW, I should have read the deal better. I thought the deal was for the original movie, in Blu-ray and DVD formats. To me the new move is horrible. I have the Blu-ray edition of the original movie.


It's my understanding that the 1951 version included in this set is ALSO a blu-ray disk. Which is the main reason to buy this.

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