dealscowboy cap gun w/ roll caps for $3.95


I use to love these as a kid, being at the park having a huge shoot out between wild west law enforcement vs bandits. Though in today's world I'm sure I'd be a viewed as some sort of monster to give one to my son..... in for two.


Don't buy this if you live in NJ. Its an unregistered firearm. You need to apply at your local PD to own one and it should take about 6 months to get a permit.


@jcameron418 ,
please tell me youre joking. im in NJ and had flash backs of playing cops & robbers soon as i saw this and realized that paper roll of caps. i swear i almost smelt the smoke from remembering ....
you were joking right ?
?: \


The sad thing is in this country you never know if Jcameron is joking! This gun does look kind of "scary" maybe Obama will ban cap guns next?


Mash the rolled up caps with a hammer!


@pragmatist007: I loved doing that. My ears would ring for an hour.


Just make sure you don't load more than 7 caps in it, if you're using it in NY state!