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Dang, I was hoping for USB 3.0


I just bought three six-packs a week or so ago from woot for $5/ each. I had bought some other stuff as well, but even with the whole $5 shipping, that was $20 for 18 Fire Wires.

Here you're looking at $8.49 for a six-pack (the most cost effective option), plus $4.99 shipping, so while it's still a decent deal for Fire Wires, woot has them for a lot less fairly often...

I just went in to compare apples to apples because I thought, the $4.99 MUST be flat rate shipping, and it's not! If you want to get 3 six-packs of Fire Wires (so the same amount that I got for $20 shipped from woot), THEY CHARGE YOU $14.57 FOR THE CHEAPEST SHIPPING! What a rip off! Cheers for the $0.40 off just charging me $4.99 THREE TIMES!

So, bottom line, for 18 Fire Wires, I paid $20 shipped on woot a week or so ago. Same deal here will cost you $40.04! What a joke!


Thanks rubysoho, I now just did NOT buy it and will wait for the woot version. :)


@rubysoho: Thanks for the heads-up. I was considering getting five for holiday gifts, but I'll wait and watch for a Woot deal.