dealsnvidia geforce gts 240 1024mb video card for $85…


Quite possibly the worst deal I've ever seen on this site.


Must disagree with one of the comments...Can't find a better deal anywhere on this video card. Great deal and nice card.


@need4mospd: We appreciate feedback but would you care to elaborate more on your vagueness? Your comment on the #2 selling Dell Video card with a retail value of $160 average (,pdtr0:706743%7C706747&q=video+card&sa=X&ei=CKQGUZuJJOPg2gXazoHIBw&ved=0CAUQtw4) could use something more substantial than blah blah blah HATE.


I apologize. If you think spending $85 on a 5 year old low-mid level card is a great deal just because you can't find it for less, then you'd better jump on it right away! But before you do, I've got a GeForce 6600 with 256Mb that I'll sell you for $50, which is $100 less than I can find it online! Much better deal right?!

I'll drop the sarcasm now, the current gen GT 640 is only $65 and performs significantly better on top of supporting DirectX 11 and requiring half the power. That better? ;)


@need4mospd: Yes, that is a better comment. And more beneficial for this site than your first, thank you. I also think the sarcasm was unnecessary, but i'm guessing you see us as a PC parts sales. We are not a PC store and offer this particular card as Dell Component P/n 9JDYJ. Thank you for checking us out though.


Would this run the lego games decently? I think they spec 64 bit or 128 as minimum spec.