dealsla pan - foundation bbq sauce for $6.00


I bought one out of frustration last night on FAB, along with a few other foodie items. To experience the same frustration, go to the supermarket and try to find a BBQ sauce that doesn't have High Fructose Corn Syrup as it's first or second ingredient. HFCS is bad enough as an ingredient in any quantity, but the scary thing is that ANY corn syrup is suspect if not labeled 'non-GMO' since food producers in the US are not required to tell you if the food you eat has been made with GMO corn, and that goes for corn syrup as well. This sauce does not have ANY corn syrup.

BTW their other stuff looks great as well.


@zippy the pinhead: Glad that you got to experience Fab and this La Pan sauce. I've been using it for a while, and besides taste, for the SAME reason you do. No HFCS!

I still don't know why we can't get Coca Cola with real sugar other than from Mexico re-import. It's really sad. And HFCS is so unhealthy. Why haven't people boycott Coca Cola en masse!?


@zippy the pinhead, @lll0228, you both have been brain washed. HFCS is not as bad for you as people make it out to be. Yes it is bad for you in large quantities but so is sugar.


@segafanalways: You have no idea of either of our background, and you just made judgment with wording like "brainwashed", that's not nice.

I am a scientist with a doctorate. The only reason why HFCS is used in this country is because of the food lobbying and because it's CHEAP. While the comparison to sugar is fair, and it is just as bad as cane sugar for mono-saccharides related reasons (obesity etc.), many HFCS is made from GMO-corn, which has been observed to cause multiple health issues in mammals. Zippy's concern is well founded.

Besides, HFCS does not taste as good as cane sugar. Compare the taste of a US-made Coca Cola to a Mexico-made Coca Cola. The difference is clear. There are different kind of "sweet".

Why, do you think, that the likes of Pepsi and Coca Cola would not subject people of other countries (even Mexico) to this wonderful (and cheaper) corn based sweetener?


@lll0228: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound judgmental. It just seems like everyone is on this HFCS Is terrible for you and sugar is good for you campaign which is untrue. Sorry if I offended.