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I am really REALLY tempted. I had the carpet ripped out of my house ages ago (I hate carpet), and I have a big house. This sounds like a really fabulous thing to have. I've been thinking about it since you first posted it (a few hours ago), and Sears is actually local to me (luckily, Nordstrom's is not, since I seem to be in full shopping mode lately).

This just looks so perfect.


@shrdlu: I'm envious. I'd love to rip out all my carpeting and the awful vinyl in my kitchen, but then I'd have to buy new flooring and probably some area rugs, and that's just not in the cards right now. Another item for my "When I Build My Dream Home..." list. sigh

I just "mopped" my kitchen tonight with my steam-mops-are-too-expensive purchase, a previous Gold Box deal I believe on which I spent probably ~$35. So much hassle with all the different chambers, and when I'm done everything smells like cleaners because I'm "supposed to use their solution." I'm excited to already have my tracking number for this purchase, and I will be even more excited to bust it out on Wednesday already.

If you're still on the fence then, let me know that I should use it right away & report back. :)


I've been looking at these also and hadn't bit because of the price. Thanks for the find--my floors will love you!


@maisyday: that's the same reason I hadn't purchased one yet as well! ...well, until yesterday. Did you go with Amazon or Sears?


@perkalicious11: I went with Sears. I need to go to the mall anyways for some other things, so I figure I will just stop by Sears at the same time!


@maisyday: I am jealous of your and @shrdlu's proximity to a Sears store. I'm fighting the feelings of regret from ordering via Amazon. Although I get more excited when I see the shipping updates pop up on my phone. :) Those bring joy to every online purchase. ;)


@perkalicious11: I may have a Sears, but I do not have a Target. If you have that local, then I'll be jealous of you!


@maisyday: I have a Target not far off the freeway on the way home and another about a mile or two from work, but none particularly near to home. I end up getting odds and ends from Walmart, but I make special trips to Target for tank tops and green cleaning supplies between my orders. The dollar section at Target is my Achilles Heel...


As soon as I saw steam, I though it was a game, then I found out it's just a mop :-(


My wife has been wanting one for a while, in for 1!


I have the Bissell steam cleaner and I absolutely love it!

I have solid cherry floors and mentioned the steam cleaner to my flooring store. They flat out told me not to use "steam" on the real wood floors. If you do, they recommend that you use a model that has a extreme low setting. They claim the moisture will eventually warp the flooring.
I now use my steam cleaner for my carpets and tile floors, but not on the wood. For that I'm looking for something similar to the "swiffer" but more professional and sturdy.

All in all, I'd suggest you contact your flooring center prior to using the steamer.