dealspixar short films collection, vol. 1 for $13.00


This is a dvd, not a blu-ray, for those that care.


You neglected to say that it was in DVD format (which is fine with me, but others may want to know this). Amazon has this at $15.49, and the blu-ray version is $25.99 (for those who'd prefer that format).

I don't know that blu-ray is going to improve things that were made in the eighties. These are all still pretty amazing. I used to have a local copy of Andre and Wally B, and Red's Dream was notable for the elegance of shading and motion. This DVD is worth it just to have all these in one place (and I'd get it just for Luxo Jr).

Goodness, but that was all a very long time ago.


Oops, thanks, I usually do specify when it's a DVD. Hopefully people would notice before they buy, regardless.