deals30% off sitewide for woot customers


I love BudK 30% is not a bad deal... I may just go buy the M48 Kommando Survival Hammer I have wanted for some time now!


BUDK deals suck! For Example take the M48 basic black Tactical Tomahawk even with the 30% off it was $37.98 shipped from BudK's ( $39.99 for the item, $9.99 shipping, -$12.00 discount ).... Went to Amazon and it's $31.29 with Free shipping. You people that don't check prices blow my mind, thinking; just cause it's on Woot it's a deal!


@webvamp: maybe if you're just getting one item. I'm getting multiple and the deal made it cheaper than amazon. You people that rant on woot for no reason blow my mind.


@nmaustin: I agree completely I'm looking at getting on more expensive item it alone comes out to be $5 cheaper than elsewhere. Might also get a few more items looking at $30 savings from Amazon.


Don't forget, folks, these guys sell Nazi memorabilia.

Won't be getting my business.


Crap is crap even if it's 30% off.


Please be warned that the only thing worse that BudK junk is their customer service. Once this crap breaks, they will do nothing for you. Buyer beware!