dealstargus 90w universal ac/dc power adapter for…


Refurbished unit that can be bought cheaper elsewhere. Also, clicking the link above brings you through a site called "ShareASale", which brings the original poster a commission every time someone from here buys the item.

* People should not profit off of a posting here on Woot *

** - $33.50 shipped


If you insist on paying more for the item through, then use the link below to avoid the commission:


No for anything on where to buy it, but I bought one of these(maybe not the same model but Targus for approx. $70) about 1 year ago to power a Dell Laptop that the factory power supply failed. This unit would not charge the battery, only provide enough power to run the laptop. The documentation stated that they were contractualy obligated to do that. I ended up getting a cheap knockoff that did what the failed unit did, which was charge the battery and run the laptop at the same time.


@weaseal: That's good to know, I didn't know they were like that. Also, I didn't notice at the time that it was them who posted the 'deal' on here. Pretty nice, not only would they possibly get the sale, but they would get a commission on their own sale. Sounds like one hell of deal for them!


@hillimonster: You know, I often wondered about this. I work as a sub-contractor for on-site Dell warranty work, and I have replaced numerous power adapters because customers get the famous "unrecognized power adapter, your battery will not be charged" error message. I had assumed that there was some special circuitry in the power adapter that communicated with the laptop, but I had no proof of it. This would seem to prove that theory, that unless you have a Dell OEM power adapter, it's not going to charge the battery...