dealskenmore front-load washing machine w/ steam for…


Not really that cheap. Sears has has much better deals than this, not to mention Lowe's.


@obliviousheadbanger: I know: I meant to say "Sears has had much better deals than this."


This is supposed to be a great "woot" deal?

What has happened here? When did you start offering $800 Woot deals?



For just the washing machine? No deal.


I don't get it. How can Steam digitally deliver a washing machine to me?


Sears hack the crap out of Google about six months ago. So from clothing to just about anything else that you googled came back with as number one hit.

They got caught but I guess they are now hacking So is that damn lingerie store.


not a deal. i got a samsung front loader w/steam for $650 a couple weeks ago. new at best buy. samsung and LG are king of front loaders for now.


I remember shopping for appliances with my girlfriend a few years ago. We couldn't think of anywhere other than Sears in town to buy a refrigerator (get a $150 rebate from the utility that way). We're talking with the Sears salesman getting annoyed at their fairly high prices, massive delivery charge, and saying I'd have to pay extra to get it on a weekend, couldn't get it delivered for over two weeks, and they'd give me an eight hour window the day before delivery for when they'd show up. All of a sudden the salesman goes, "I can guarantee if you try to go down the road to Best Buy for this Kenmore you won't be able to find it for any cheaper."

Both of us looked at each other and went "Best Buy!" We left the store, drove half a mile away, and bought an almost identical fridge for $200 less with two day delivery for less than half the price of Sears' delivery.