deals13 port high speed usb 2.0 hub w/ power adapter…


This one has ports that are all the same Amperage.....Thus some devices will work and some will not....You want to pick up a unit that has variable amperage's for Ipad Iphone, Ipod, Samsung tablets and phones, HTC etc etc.....All of these manufacturers have their devices to work at a slightly different amperage and some of the above will not work with this product.....I know....I made this mistake about a year ago.....There are better choices at the same price on Amazon.....


@nuggy: Could you link to some of the hubs with variable amperage?


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Funny how this unit has so much blue around the ports--it's like they're trying to trick you into thinking it's a USB 3.0 hub.


@nuggy: Hmmm...a USB 2.0 port can put out 2.5V. So a USB hub with 13 ports, if you're trying to charge 13 items from it, isn't it 2.5/13 = a very meager .19V? Is this right?

I don't think this is meant to be a charging hub.


@first2summit: Wrong! USB is specified at 5V and every device is in parallel so each device gets 5V.


USB specs state that it is actually 5V, not 2.5V. Typically, the power pins would be wired in parallel, so each port would theoretically see the same voltage, however the CURRENT draw from each port adds together, and at 500mA per port, the supplied 2.5A wall wart should actually be capable of outputting a minimum of 6.5A (hence it is underpowered).


@stolat: So this 13 USB hub can deliver a total of 65V (13*5V) coming from 5V from the computer's USB port?


@first2summit No. Each USB connector gets 5 volts. Think of the electrical outlets you have at home: The living room may have four electrical outlets; each outlet is rated at 120V so plug in four lamps and each lamp gets 120V.

It's time for you to go to our friend Google and ask "what is the basic difference between series and parallel circuits".


@stolat or the difference between current and voltage


@first2summit: You're missing the key words of "w/power adapter" in the title. It's not powered by your computer's USB port; it has a separate wall wart power adapter.