dealslego star wars millennium falcon 7965 for $101.60…


Price Matched Target's 20% off sale.

Better deal here with no tax, and free shipping by both, but if you need it today you can see if it's at your local Target store.


I was just coming back here to mention that it was the same price & free shipping at Target as well, lol.

Now see for me at least, Target will be the better choice. Amazon just started charging tax for my state (PA) on September 1st :(, so I have to pay tax at either site.

Plus, at Target, I can use my RedCard (Debit) for an additional 5% off, plus there is usually a coupon floating around online for $5 off $50 or more, or something similar.


I remember when Legos were about trying to come up with cool stuff out of a handful of block types, rather than a "Build this!" puzzle with specially molded blocks for everything.


@urocyon: We still do that. I took one of my daughters' "Cars" sets and made "Bat-Mater."


This is an incredibly cool set even for bigger kids (Yes I'm in my mid 20's and I still purchase Lego). I got it last year for $80 shipped from Toys R Us but this is the cheapest I've seen it since. It is a very wel thought out set and my main complaint was that you really have to work to fit Han and Chewie into the cockpit at the same time.


@rayray8822: I'd also like to point out that most of those Legos are 25+ years old . . .


@urocyon: I had the same reaction to the "build this!" approach -- "no creativity" I thought. Then my son got a couple of sets plus some extra scattered Legos. I have been amazed at the stuff he invents. This is every bit as creative as the original Legos and then some, with tons more options because of all the small hinges, joints, etc. He builds some amazing contraptions and machines as well as sturdy houses and buildings. He is turning into a young engineer. And he rarely follows the "build this" approach. Lego encourages this. They have competitions to build original things out of existing Lego sets. Now my 5-year-old is starting too. I just came in from taking pictures of a mining machine he invented so we could submit it to a competition. And all the pieces came from 2 different, unrelated sets. I haven't just been persuaded by the new Legos... I'm jealous I didn't have these.


I had the same feelings about the new "only build this" kits. Not like the giant box of just blocks like when we were kids.
But watching my son follow the instructions to build the kit is enlightening. He's learning to follow a blue print, which I think is important.
Plus, the original creation only lasts for a little while. Once he puts the ships into battle with other creations parts are everywhere.
His creativity then comes into the new vehicles that he builds with all the various parts from all the different kits.