dealssubway februany promotion $5/$6 for footlong


I'm assuming they won't add the extra inch back to the sandwich by then.


...or the extra inch in height it's missing versus just about every other competitor.


Six fifty. Six fifty. Six dollar fifty cent foot long.

Hmmm, not quite as catchy as before.


@charlesp2009: yeah, not as catchy or as likely to keep me coming back. Inflation has a long way to go before ANYTHING there is worth more than $5.


With the controversy over the length of their footlongs, I'm surprised there isn't more controversy over soda sizes at fast food restaurants and the fact that the amount of soda you get can vary greatly depending on the amount of ice they put into the cup.


I actually do enjoy Subway, & I enjoy it even more just because of the Februany, it's just so damn clever & amusing, I actually go there more during my bday month just b/c of their clever promotion!


Geez, is it time for this again already? I barely got the jingle out of my head from last year.


@charlesp2009: They are $5 or $6 each. I don't get what you mean by "Six dollar fifty cent foot long."??
They are not $6.50 are they?


@charlesp2009: No, you're mistaken. You're talking about REGULAR priced sandwiches. We are talking about the DEAL price. And no, it has nothing to do with where you live. Just man up and admit that you were wrong. :-)


@carlosarnold: You don't understand, I'm not talking about the deal, I'm talking about Subway in general now. The two sandwiches I would regularly choose between used to be regularly priced $5 and now they're both $6.50. Hence my jingle.


@bigellow: Not to mention the difference between cups sizes and price. McDonalds charges $1 for a "large" which is the smaller than Whataburgers "medium" that costs $1.60 which is massively bigger than Subway's "medium" that costs $1.20 but holds less than half of the liter bottle I can get at the grocery store for the same price!

But soda's bad for you so I abstain.


Better idea instead of this being a promotional deal why don't they just have it all the time.
Try buying a footlong (order a combo with a drink and chips and it's even more) at any time other than special promo times and you can get a bucket of kfc chicken, two little ceasars pizzas or hey most places have delis that make sandwiches i know of a few in my town that does and it's still cheaper.
Arby's 5 for $6 sandwiches the list i could name allot and go on. What i'm trying to say is they're to damn high and overpriced.


@charlesp2009: What sucks is the McDonald's in my area has stopped doing the $1 price for any size drink. They're back to different prices again, so the large is now more than $1.

I don't get soda anymore... I always get unsweet iced tea. However, I've noticed that fast food iced teas have gotten worse and worse in flavor over time. They taste really "burnt" now.

The best one for a while was Taco Bell (it was minty), but the Taco Bell in my area got rid of it and only has flavored tea. In other words, no non-sweet drink options. What a bummer.

The next best unsweet iced tea has now been Burger King, but even the BK in my area is in the process of replacing and/or fixing their machine, so they've been out of unsweet iced tea for months. I think it's a conspiracy to get people to drink sweet drinks again.

Back to Subway, though, I've noticed it has become more and more expensive to eat there over time. Sure, you could always seek out a $5 footlong, but it gets boring eventually.