dealsitouchless 13-gallon deodorizer filtered…


Is it just me or is that 60 cents off?


lol, showing regular price of 59.99 for me, = 30 whole cents. What a deal! lol


We have this exact same trashcan. It's quite nice, it always impresses people coming over. A few quirks about it:

#1. It WILL start opening randomly, and when you walk by it. Cleaning the sensor with some Windex helps

#2. The little odor stopper is just a baggie full of activated charcoal. They charge insane prices for replacements. Cut the end off, like an envelope, dump out the old saturated carbon, and fill it up with aquarium carbon or something you can buy for like 4 bucks a pound. Duct tape the end back together and put it back in the little plastic cage and you're good to go. It sounds like saving-wrapping-paper levels of insane frugality, but it takes like 5 minutes and you do it once a month. \

#3. Probably my favorite aspect of it is the plastic ring around the top that hides the trash bag. It makes it look like a very know... trash can. Whatever, I like it.


It seems to me that the $66.99 combo offer is a far better deal than the 30 cent discount on the one that's offered. At the same website, I saw the combo deal; it doesn't have the deordorizer but it's still better than a 30 off sale. Here's the combo link:


@jmcachran: it's worst, it's only 30 cents off: reg price: 59.99 sale price: 59.69


@myspace4now: Yup. I even misread it.

Wow... glad I put it in my cart for that big additional discount.