dealstake an additional 30% of your total @ coldwater…


I just love their clothes, thanks @lavikinga


@faughtey: Ma'am did you misplace your staff badge again? Do you need some duct tape?


I really like those rice bowls.


@colonelpuffpuff: Yes, it slipped away for awhile, and I coudn't vote. Nobody else seemed to be affected, and it came back sometime after midnight. Maybe a little duct tape would help!


FREE SHIPPING on $100+ orders with promo code AFLC342.

If you have a retail location near you, you can also eliminate return shipping by returning items to the store.

Thanks lavikinga! This is really an amazing sale. I love CWC and did a bit of damage on my credit card but ordered so many items for the money.


Code AFLC695 gets you free shipping on any order. Their clothes are great quality. I have never returned anything.


Don't forget! Deal ends tonight (6/29) at midnight, Eastern. My order is on its way...shipping Smart Post, but I should get it by next Wednesday.