deals50% off omaha steaks filet mignon


Half-price sale and most are still in the range of $20 a pound, give or take a couple of dollars. I can get fresh, custom cut, excellent filets that I can actually see before I buy at the local butcher for $14.99 a pound.


I had wanted for years to try Omaha Steaks. When I finally did, it was the biggest load of over-priced crap I had ever eaten. Some of that junk is still in my freezer.

The steaks were small and lacked texture almost as if tenderizer had been added to them. The chicken entrees were boiled chicken breasts slathered in various sauces not cooked in sauce. The desserts were so so and the sides ranged from fair to barely mediocre.

I invoked their money-back guarantee and got my money back. I will never buy their stuff again because I do better with Sam's Club fresh black angus beef for considerably less.

One last thing: these Omaha Steaks "deals" are a dime a dozen and can be had anytime.


Omaha is ordinary and pricey. If you would like some extraordinary and pricey...