dealsstar trek voyager: seasons 1-7 (dvd) for $199.99…


Good Find, on a side note all of these are currently on Netflix streaming


I hate how the Star Trek series are always so expensive because they think Trekkies will pay it. I mean come on, $200 is the great sale price? I'm not downing the deal because it's a great price based on the past, but I mean...come on. Should be like $100 max. That's what Amazon is selling all 10 seasons of the awesome Stargate SG-1 for, and that's not even a sale price. I think I got it for like $60 on sale.


$200 is RIDICULOUS, especially for a box set that isn't even BluRay.

Get serious. This set cost a few dollars to make. $200 is a ripoff.


@blue11: Umm, this is the lowest it's been for years.

Just because you don't have the money, doesn't mean other people don't.

And yeah, it's on Netflix...


+1 for the netflix. Even if you don't have Netflix already it would have to take you 25 months to get through all 7 seasons for it to be cheaper to buy this than just subscribe to netflix.


Tuvok's never going home!!!!


I enjoyed this series as a kid, up until season 6 when I got tired of the repetitive stories and all the BS science and contrivances. I watched the finale and was very disappointed. My first thought was "seven years for this?"

Watching as an adult is kind of frustrating, the writing on this show really was terrible and I'm thinking some of the cast were just bad actors. This show had potential, the sets were great, the budget was good, but the writing was just awful. And how many forehead aliens are there in our galaxy?!

I bought all seven seasons on eBay 4 years ago for about $110 and received a crappy chinese bootleg set (though the seller was advertising the US release). That soured my taste for Voyager even more, 4 or 5 of the discs were too glitchy to play and it always defaulted to chinese subtitles. I fixed that seller though, I complained to Paypal and got a full refund and got to keep the bootlegs.

Thankfully Netflix has most of Trek right now. Can't wait to try DS9!


I bought this a few years back for more. I really enjoyed Star Trek, and grew up on Voyager. I like DS9 much more. I might not have bought them if the streaming were available sooner, but that's how it goes. At any rate, they recently added Star Trek to the Amazon prime streamable, so you can get reduced shipping on it when you order this, and then watch it for free anyway! I just wanted to point out for all the mockery of people who bought the series, it was not a bad thing to do if you really enjoyed it (Star Trek in general, maybe not Voyager) and did not know that it would eventually be streaming.


@charlesp2009: DS9 is really great, especially once you hit season 4 onward (the first few seasons are hit and miss). If you liked the story style of the 2000 era Battlestar Galactica, you will likely enjoy it (Ron Moore wrote extensively for both I believe). Finally, since you are probably familiar with Voyager and looking for the more enjoyment (despite the obvious failures) I recommend this guy: He does really excellent reviews of Star Trek and other Science Fiction franchises. He has made me enjoy Voyager much more (usually at its expense).


@charlesp2009: because star trek was realistic until the 6th season?


I actually am currently in season 6 of Voyager on Netflix, and I agree that it really kinda goes down hill. At this point I just want to finish. The stories get really repetitive in season 6. They stopped building conflicts that took multiple episodes and switched to everything just taking one episode to work out. You can miss or skip episodes in season 6 and not miss anything. In the early season you actually had to follow the series cause it had a story.


@jdevenberg: A buddy of my likes the SF Debris reviews but I never really took to them. Though I always read the reviews back during Voyager's original run, and the small handful he did for Enterprise.

Still need to check out the new BattleStar Galactica, that's in my instant queue on Netflix, I just need to get in the right mood for it!


Voyager blows. THe actors were poor. Their dialog was generally below average. And 25% of their situations were goofy too. Mulgrew was a horrible choice.


Wait til Novemeber when Amazon starts doing all their black friday deals and count down to christmas. It was 149$ last year for a few hours. I agree, loved the series but 200$ is a bit much. Especially since it's been out for as long as it has. Wal Mart had the seasons for 20$ a pop too last black friday.