deals2gb pny attache flash drive for $1.00


Got mine yesterday when I saw the ad. I would call ahead to see if they have them in stock as the store I went to only had 4 when it opened on Sunday morning.


So it's limit one with a $9 store credit, but Staples will only issue certificates in increments of $10, which means that money will never get to you unless you buy more items that issue store credit and bring your credit balance over $10.


@jshbckr knowing that bit of informations. This doesn't sound like a deal at all. D: And here I got all excited for a new flash drive...


@jshbckr: definitely a good observation!


@jshbckr: There's more than one way to skin a cat. Staples also gives you $2 of rewards credit for every ink or toner cartridge you recycle with them (it used to be $3).

Drop off an old cartridge when you buy the flashdrive, and you're done.


@heymo: It says the Recycle Rewards (#6) are separate from the regular Staples Rewards:

Will it still help to get over the $10 balance?

Also, after 3 months everything expires if the minimum $10 is not met.


@spmadden: I didn't realize they were separate. Maybe not.

Admittedly, I buy a lot of junk at Staples (and they run promos like this one pretty often) so I've never had to read the fine print that carefully.


I am not sure if the $10 level was a new addition but I received a reward cert for $1 and one for $3.24 and one for $12.42 in the last two and a half months.

vote-for1vote-against the point; can I buy this and get my credit instantly?

And can I get the credit without having to do any other transactions/ink returns?

Gotta simplify for the slow folk heh :D


@drchops: Nope, which is why I am probably returning mine!

You must do SOMETHING to get over the $10 mark.