dealsextra 40% off everything at tommy hilfiger


First thought: Cool, maybe this brings things to a decent price.

Second thought: OK, that's women's stuff, click on Men's and....why does it look the same?

Third thought: Wow, this stuff really looks gay (not in the derogatory sense, in the "this looks like what gay men wear" sense)

Fourth thought: OK, there's a shirt that's not bad, and it' expensive that this sale brings it down to just an OK price. Nope, I don't like it that much.

Fifth Thought: OK, how about the sale stuff? Maybe I can stack sales and....No, no, they just marked up a bunch of stuff to say it's marked down on sale, so that's not going to help.


Tommy Hilfiger? Does anybody still wear that label? I thought they went the way of Sergio Valente and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.


I actually really like TH shirts. I usually try to get them at the outlet mall or discount stores like Ross, Steinmart, etc. They fit me well, and I've never thought of them as "gay" or whatever, I just like the fit. They are not the "young men's" style that I, no longer a young man, can't wear. They do tend to be expensive, as are most nice shirts, which is why I usually get them on sale if possible.


always happy to get a Tommy shirt at 40% off.


Excludes watches and fragrances. No Tommy Boy cologne = no purchase for me.


Still active on 4/4. I linked my American Express on Facebook Link, Like, Love and will get an additional $25 credit back on my card for a $100 purchase. Brought current online Tommy Hilfiger prices down to TJ Maxx Tommy Hilfiger prices with more selection.