dealsjo-ann fabric get 50% off any regular-priced item…


Awesome deal! Now I can craft myself that beer cozy I always wanted.


Not that I enjoy the money spent, but definitely repped b/c you'll make my wife happy with me for at least the hour and a half she'll spend driving there and shopping. Well worth it.


question - it says 'no photocopies or multiple print outs' -- so is this a 1 time use printable coupon? if everyone is printing and using the same coupon won't it be denied or is that just standard gobbeldy-gook they put on all coupons, and I can print and use as many as I like (assuming I use in separate transactions). (Holy run on sentence. Sorry 'bout that)



@skispeakeasy: ...and I can create some unique fireworks now thanks to Jo-Ann Fabrics where they have just what I need!