dealsblackhawk sportster serpa gunmetal grey holster…


Says item is "Reserved" and won't let me buy one (even though I signed up for an account).

Edit: Nevermind. I hit "refresh" 5 minutes later and it allowed for me to buy one. Thanks for the $10 coupon code!


I placed the deal on woot after I ordered one and the reserved shading came up. I think it may be only one per customer, just like the (first timer) coupon (if anyone knows how to get more coupons please let me know). Try going to the website and looking at the deal from there first.


The deal is for Glock 17 and Glock 22. No 1911 :(

Also, sold out.


Yeah dang, sold out. I own two SERPA holsters, I wouldn't have minded a third.