dealsbowflex ez pro heart rate monitor watch with…


This isn't terribly useful without a chest strap - you'd have to constantly touch the watch to get the heart rate.

Woot had one awhile back for something like $25 that was comparable to a $100+ Polar- even to the point of being compatible with the Polar machines at my gym...


Monitor worked less than 20% of the time. Would not recommend this even at half the price.


I used to have one of these - it's terrible. Wrist heart rate monitors are already sort of sub par to chest strap ones, but this one worked incredibly inconsistently - and it's impossible to check your heart rate while actually working out. You have to pause what you're doing so you can very firmly place your fingers on the two censors, and even then, sometimes it takes a minute or two to get with the program.

Even on sale I don't really recommend this, unless you plan to use it while doing extremely light exercise, like walks, where stopping for a break won't interrupt your work out.


cheaper at amazon, with free shipping as well


@nflemming2004: It is only cheaper from Overstock Deals (via Amazon) if you have Prime or spend over $25 to get Free Super Saver Shipping. Even then, the difference is only 12¢. Additionally, Overstock Deals only carries the black unit, whereas Ben's Outlet currently has 8 different colors to choose from.


@thefenst: still cheaper... and the "deal" probably lasts a lot longer too, though I'm not sure if it's much of a deal considering the reviews...