dealsone step hand sanitizer with aloe for $23.52


An excellent buy! Shipping for me was via Fed-Ex $4.95. Thanks for the listing!!


That's a lot of hand sanitizer!


I buy these small bottles in a package of 4 usually - and that package costs over $4.00; so when I ran across this deal, I was happy to see it! Being in a tourist area, there are all kinds of germs, etc., from all over the world and I never go into a restaurant without a bottle in my purse. I also keep one in the car to use. In today's world, I would want to use this type of product wherever I was - you hear of such awful stuff.


@klozitshoper: I always take these along when camping, as you don't always have water available to clean your hands. Plus, a little of this can be used to help your fire get started.


Not a great deal.

Hand sanitizer is sold day in/day out for $1 for 8oz at most dollar stores. That's $12 for equivalent volume of product. You are just buying extra plastic, and hardly anyone needs 48 2oz bottles.

We use these a lot, and when we need trial size, we just refill from a larger container at home.


@alevinemi: Sure, you say that now.

But wait 'til the apocalypse comes. I'll be in my bunker with sanitary, bacteria-free hands, and your hands will be covered with germs. We shall see who has the last laugh.


@alevinemi: You must have tiny funnels and a bit of extra time on your hands. As I said, I think your use of this type of product is predicated on lifestyle and situation. I also visit a lot of nursing homes as a volunteer or visitor. Would not want to run out in that situation. Always a good idea to save where you can of course.


@klozitshoper: Thanks for posting this. I, too, make a lot of visits to nursing homes and doctors' offices. These small bottles are just what I have been looking for!


@alevinemi: While I also refill the bottles (I have particularly dirty kids, I guess) I've noticed that the plastic gets brittle on the ones we keep in the cars. I guess the heat and alcohol age the plastic faster.


@disturbed0ne: Just in case we all need to roll in the mud to gain entrance, where is it? :)