dealswonderful pistachios 16oz bag for $4.99

vote-for3vote-against $5 per pound a good price? I might need to start growing these.....


@jsimsace: no, this is not a good deal. it is an ok deal


@jsimsace: It's way more than a pound, it's 16 whole ounzes! (ok, lame joke) I've been wondering if it's ever worth it.
As long as they're Wonderful pistachios...


It's a deal when you consider amazon is selling the same bag for $7.05. Nut prices across the board have been sky high for some time now. An example is a local specialty cake bakery I go to. For at least a year they had been charging $5 extra for the walnuts on a banana walnut cake due to severe price increases they are paying. They had a notice on their door for some time explaining the price increase.


I stopped shopping @ Walgreens after they fired pharmacist Jeremy Hoven for exercising his 2nd amendment rights when dealing with armed robbers in his store. The US Constitution trumps corporate policy IMO.


This is only a good deal if you can buy more than one bag. When you add in shipping costs its not worth it. There was a time when you could buy as many bags as you want. If you spent more than $25 then Walgreens would not charge you for the shipping. This made it a really great deal. But $4.99 + shipping is not worth it.