dealsapplebee's $10 gift card w/ $50 gift card purchase


I love to get the 2 for 20 to go. This will do three 2 for 20s for me and the ol' lady.


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The local Applebees changed their sign and window awnings. They did not however change the quality of their food.


I had a problem there with my I called the 800 number on the receipt that asks for your comments. Actually I think it was email. Anyway, the next day a district manager called and apologized - (that's COOL-prompt response) - BUT then offered me no compensation. Not a coupon, a free meal - Nothing! There are too many other similar restaurants to ever throw them some more business. I am DONE with Applecraps


@onomea: First, why didn't you talk to your restaurant's manager about how unsatisfied you were? Second, it's really sad that you expect to be compensated. Most companies don't even reply at all to their comments and suggestions.

Regardless, this is a great deal for anyone who goes to Applebees since gift cards can be used multiple times. I really like their pretzels with beer cheese dipping sauce. Yum!


I just bought a $50 gift card from Ruby Tuesday and got a $15 voucher added on. Better deal, better food (at least around here the RT's are pretty good--the salad bar rocks).



If he had been given a free appetizer or something, which costs the corporation almost nothing, then he would now be typing how cool the company is and a random reader in New York (me) would see this. Free advertising.

Instead, he got nothing. I agree he isn't "entitled" to a free anything. But a small gesture goes a long way. Onomea was invested enough to type that it was cool of the manager to call him. My guess is that he would have also gushed about the random free appetizer that he got.