dealsrealspace calusa mesh mid-back chair for $109.99


I have this chair and it's pretty decent, I bought it at OD but don't think I paid over $100 6?? months ago.
Negatives: seat material shows EVERYTHING, sweat, dirt, etc. If your hands are the least bit wet and you touch the seat it shows terrible but after it dries it looks OK, just a weird fabric.
Swing down arms loosen up after a month or so and fall down(from upright position). I called OD and they sent me a whole new arm and screw and the new one seems better. I used some loctite on the threads which seems to be doing the trick, I probably didn't need a replacement arm but they insisted.

Pluses-Swing down arm allows chair to be pushed right up to desk.
Nice and heavy, it isn't tippy like cheaper(~$50) chairs.
Looks nice, unless it gets wet or damp.

Overall I'd purchase it again but it's not perfect.