dealssteam sale day 14


Awesomenauts and both Torchlight games are fantastic. Excellent value at these prices.


@jha1223: awesomenauts, the best thing about that game is the theme song. You can't even adjust the difficulty. Sorry but not all of us are 12 year old savants with amazing gaming skills.


@ogre013: Correct. For those with decent reaction time and some gaming prowess, Awesomenauts is a blast. For a less demanding game, maybe the Torchlight games are great and you can select the difficulty level.


I haven't played Torchlight, but in my experience, Awesomenauts isn't particularly....awesome. I thought LoL or CivV was difficult to play well... This game is a step up above that, even against bots. Level 2 (of 5) AI should NOT be getting 47 kills to our 23.


@jha1223: @ogre013: please refrain from civilized discourse and be more assertive with your opinions. Remember to attack the person instead of discussing the game. I need more drama today, im bored. Oh, and happy new years guys.


The THQ bundle for 25 bucks is a steal...there is a pile of gaming in that bundle...a must buy!!!


@xerokills: I agree, it is the best bundle, with the most games, for the lowest price.


@wootfast: Hilarious, but you are right that this is about the most civil game discussion, possibly ever.


@segafanalways: We're profiting from their misfortune (and mismanagement). There have even been daily bundles with complete DLC sets for the individual THQ games, which nfortunately aren't included in the Dev Pack. Still a great deal.

-not trying to say feel sorry for THQ, they caused all of their own problems. A studio with that many legitimately popular franchises has no business having to file for bankruptcy, other than managerial stupidity.


@shroudedwolf51: Torchlight is great if you like Diablo-type games (it was created by some of the same developers, so no surprise there). I got TL2 for my son and myself to play the last time it was on sale, but I haven't played #2 yet. If you like Diablo, get it, you won't be disappointed. If not, maybe try the first one for under four bucks and see how you like it.