deals2 pack stereo earbuds / in-ear headphones for…


Who uses these old fashioned ear buds anymore when you can get the ear buds that actually mold to your ear canal and don't fall out or hurt? Am I the only one confused by all the positive votes for this?


It could be a 10 pack for the same price and i still wouldn't buy those; not even to give as gifts to my enemies.


I reckon the positive votes are coming from the price alone, but personally I agree that these things are absolutely horrible.


I'd rather strap two cinder blocks to my head than wear these unbelievably uncomfortable pieces of garbage.


Well believe it or not these are the only types that are comfortable to me. I really can't use those "molding" types. In fact, I use the original ipod type headphones and I have to leave the foam thingys off.


Don't jump on this one. They are NOT Apple! They mention FOR Apple. I bought a pair like this before for $0.99 free shipping from somewhere else, they look just like Apple headphones, but the quality and the sound is horrible.


@steaua: My hero!

No, really. You saved me from falling for this. That picture is clearly of the original Apple earbuds* which I'm SURE Apple has trademarked or whatever (so these must not look like that), making this very likely false advertising.

And it doesn't mention the volume or call answer buttons - which make all the difference for me.

* - (which I love because they're solid, very functional, and, while costly as hell, don't cost the insanely high price of the molded Apple earbuds)


These type of earbuds are perfect for my ears. So for those who seem to think they are horrible, you should realize that ears are all shaped differently.

These are the only type of earbuds that fit comfortably in my ears and I wouldn't wear anything else.


@clkite: I dislike the apple earbuds purely from a quality standpoint. They have terrible sound quality and, while I'm not some ridiculous audiophile who needs a $300 pair of headphones to be happy, I do actually like to hear the subtleties and intonations of my music.


@shadowknight125: That's really funny cause I love the Apple earbuds for the exact same reason you dislike them, the quality of the earbuds I love and the sound I hear from them I prefer over other earbuds I've used in the past.


@jcfl1684: Ear buds have the advantage of allowing you to hear better when you work in an outdoor or noisy environment. The in-ear buds, the molding type you refer to, can dampen the surrounding noise to an unsafe level. Of course hopefully they're not too p* poor quality considering the price, but as often as I destroy head phones at work, $3 is worth the gamble.


@ladyshiloh: I just checked, they aren't sold out.


Most head phones only last me maybe 2 months before the wire starts to break and I can't maintain sound in both ears, but I've had my standard issue iPod headphones for over a year with no issue.


Looking at the jack these don't look like they would have the volume button the right headphone, so you couldn't do any of the fancy and convenient clicking (should have 3 metal rings for stereo and mic).

You could always pic up an extender with volume control and pause/play, but that kind of defeats the purpose of paying so little for headphones.


Or, you may purchase from an authorized apple retailer for only $99.99!


Bought a pair, these will be perfect for my intended use as replacement cords for my compact headphones a buck fifty to fix 35 dollar headphones great deal


I bought one from aulola a year ago.I really like it.