dealshp envy ultrabook 3rd gen intel core i5 4gb ddr3…


Friends don't let friends buy HP.


I still don't understand why the 1366 x 768 resolution is so popular with manufacturers. I know it's cheaper, but it is such a miserable resolution to work with. Other than that, this doesn't seem like too bad of a deal.


Why at this price does it ONLY have 4 gigs of memory and 500 gbs hard drive.. Better deals than this in the sunday paper. Staples and Best Buy. This is too much money for what you are getting I think.


@jimnh1: agreed, I'd have to buy more and install myself, such a waste to put such a low amount in this thing to start. Wonder what the max is?


@jcl945: I think windows lap with higher resolution has font size problem, it's too hard to read the tiny font on windows dialog, and windows' DPI adjusting does not work well. I heard people complain about using 1920x1080 on 19' LCD monitors.

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@lxl: Not everyone uses Windows.
And you can change the font rendering.