dealsbioshock dual pack [download]: video games for $4…


noting "free shipping" when the product is delivered digitally is a bit disingenuous, no? Though I did just pay about five dollars for the convenience of printing some concert tickets...
These are good games, some might say great, well worth the five bucks for both. particularly if you're looking to play them in advance of the March release of Bioshock Infiinte


It's only disingenuous if they don't tell you it's a download until after you've purchased it. Knowing what "download" means, I think it's pretty clear. Besides, who wants to wait for shipping when you can download it in an hour or so??


Grabbin' this for sure, five bucks is a great deal for both games. Absolutely love the Bioshock series, incredible graphics, amazing storyline, alternate endings depending on choice play style. Highly recommended. Bioshock 3 comes out early in 2013 as well, looks just as epic.


Well I ordered an Xbox Live digital download code (albeit was from and they decided that I needed to wait the shipping date (5-7) days to receive it. Not only that, I received a call that they would need to extend the delivery date. Just wanted to chime in and say that downloading is NOT always free and NOT always instant. Although it is in most cases.


This may be a dumb question...If you by this downloadable game, can you load it on more than one computer?


@clindley: Yes, with Steam you can load it on more than one PC, but you have to associate your game purchase with one Steam account, and it can detect if it's logged into more than one PC at a time and will log you out. So, you can't run it on two PC's at the same time. But you can install it on both; log out of Steam on one PC and log into Steam on another PC and play it there.


I added these to my list of growing steam games. too bad the new one looks like bioshock just slapped their name to a completely different game style. i liked the wasted underground desolate carnage big daddy world. the new one looks like glorified bionic commando.