deals2tb nas iomega 35541 ez media & backup center…


$20 mail in rebate... with tiger direct...good luck!


Decent amazon reviews, 3 out of 5 stars. Also listed for $106.

Edit: Reading the reviews, lots of bricked NAS's from firmware updates and zero Iomega support. Not worth it.


But for JUST $205.00 More Upgrade to: Iomega StorCenter ix2 4TB Network Storage Server


iOmega makes horrible hard drives. I bought one from them, and within three months, it was making the clicking sounds that come right before the thing dies. Avoid this!


I have been pretty lucky with my Iomega NAS from the sounds of reviews but the one I have (not this one) does have a pretty terrible interface. Sets a different drive letter for each folder in the NAS which sounds convenient until it decides to randomly switch them up and then what I've linked to drive Z is no longer the same folder it was before. This goes for backups or content to stream.


If you are in the market for a NAS, skip this device. It's not something you want to get on the cheap. Save up and pick up a Synology NAS. It is well worth the price.