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Oh my God, is there anyone old enough on Woot who remembers the Monkees?


@missellienc: The Monkees weren't that long ago. I remember Neil Sedaka, and Buddy Holly, and Ritchie Valens... I remember when Elvis was young, and in his soldier suit, going off to Germany. Mercy, child, the Monkees are recent history.


@shrdlu: ok, we verified it... there's 2 of us old enough to remember Davy Jones! :-)


Now there's 3 of us. I remember watching their TV show when it first aired. But I was always a little disappointed with the Monkees... they never did come to my town. ;-D


Based on the color of your triangle I assume you are still an active deals.woot user.

Please go thru your old post and delete what is no longer active deals so the staff doesn't have to. There are over 2000 pages of deals from the year 2010 alone, and this is a lot of work for everyone. If we all pitch in it would be a little less harrowing for everyone.

If you need help to do this here is how: click on the tab with your name on it (it will list all your deals) all you do is hover on the deal and you will get the option to expire in the lower right corner-click it, then it will ask you to confirm and click yes.

Thank you.