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This thing is crap. it is very slow and goes to loading every time you turn a page. The screen is also very poor. You should pass on this.


I believe I posted this deal first.

Deals.Woot has won.


I had an R101 which is virtually identical to this, and it sucked worse than you could ever imagine. Crap screen, crap processor, and even crappier wireless - quite a feat in 2011 when your average toaster has reliable WiFi.


I use mine to watch movies with, which it does honorably at. As an E-reader, the last thing that should happen is to make it difficult to turn pages, and the resistive touch screen makes it a pain. Expect to try and turn the page and have it not turn, go to the previous page, or go into some weird "hi-lighting" text mode.


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I agree with @flashkill. This was the first thing I purchased from woot some time over the summer, and it really sucked. The worst part was that it came with a warped screen, but even with a perfectly flat screen it will still suck.


Ah! Ben's Outlet strikes again. Glad I'm not paying $299.99 for this!


@nyisless13: I have this model and it's just as bad as the 101 from your description. An exercise in brutal frustration.


I don't believe that's list price is $299.99. As I can buy a Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet T410 - 10-Inch Android Tablet for that money.


LOL I get a kick out of this line "Because if you don’t have to visit the airport bookstore, you’ll have time to visit the airport bar!"

So it appears that airport bars are cutting back and you need to bring your own coasters.


While I realize that this is not exactly the best of the best, how would this compare to the Augen Gentouch78? I bought one of those POS's some time back, hacked the living bejeebus out of it to attempt to get mediocre out of it... and it's currently sitting gathering dust. it this one even remotely faster?


If you are thinking of purchasing this as a cheap tablet, please take a look at the specs.
1. 256mb of ram- this could never be upgraded to FROYO or Gingerbread due to this limitation
2. resistive touch screen: these are single touch touch screens so typing is not very easy
3. Playing Flash: with Android 2.0 you can not play flash video
4. Processor: 800mhz is mediocre

If you are looking for additional resources, take a look at the forums at


@bigstan: Wait for a month bigstan, there will be a flood of "bigger" name brand 7" tablets out for christmas. If you like to hack, you could pick up a refurb nook color and install cyanogenmod 7.1 for a fully functional tablet that can be over clocked to 1100mhz and have gingerbread.


@bigstan: It's pretty much the worst Android tablet on the market. Unless the R101 is worse. So it's best feature is, "This only get better from here."