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I already had a Kindle E-reader, but decided to upgrade to the touch and as an added bonus the battery life lasts twice as long.

This is a great deal, especially if you have Amazon Prime as you get a free book rental each month. Plus lots of libraries offer freebies and Amazon has lots of freebies as well.


Not that great of a deal - this is a used kindle


@thargan: That is what PRE-OWNED means (see title).


@katanaryda: Yep. I bought a kindle from cow boom a few months ago and had major issues with them. They included the kindle ads, despite it never being mentioned in the description. They then told me it was a different manufacturer's sku to get the one without ads (not true), told me they would credit me, then they wouldn't, then they would and ultimately ended up doing nothing. It was a good waste of an hour and a half as they juggled me around.


@youtookmyactualname: You wasted a lot time. All you had to do was click RMA on your account and a PRE-PAID shipping label would print. You only need to ship it and get all of your money back. They pay shipping and you do not need permission.


@morriea: The issue was I wanted the kindle, just as advertised and without the $25 ads in place. Customer service juggling me around was not particularly helpful, and I was hoping to avoid a complete return.