dealsamazon, get a $3 mp3 credit with purchase of…


This is a great deal if you patronize any of the plethora of businesses the gift cards represent, AND ever buy music from Amazon....Every time one of these promotions comes along, I take advantage of them. This time I bought a Subway card. We eat there about once a week, so i will use it quickly.

I let my credits build up and I don't think I have paid for music for quite a while....


Better deals at for gift cards - depending on the vendor, you can get up to 18% off. Starbucks, target, amazon types you have to wait and grab the deals, but pet stores, restaurants, etc usually have high discounts.

I just saved $7 on $43 Petco gift card, since I know I have to go buy cat litter later this month. Better than the $3 discount here.

[No affiliation with them other than satisfied user]


Raise also occasionally sends out $5 off $100 and stuff like that. It doesn't seem like much, but, like iwbyte said, if you know it's a periodic guaranteed expense it's a good way to save a few bucks for not much work.

Edit: Would have gotten that Qdoba card if the one near me didn't just go out of business. :(


Another unpaid endorsement for here. I needed a couple appliances, so I waited for Home Depot's 10% off sale, then paid with a bunch of steeply discounted gift cards.

They seem to always have $100 Starbucks cards for ~$90, good deal if you have that habit.

Decent CS too. I needed some help a couple times, and they were right there.


Not to get too off topic but I never thought of purchasing from because I did not know if it could be trusted, thanks for the heads up everyone!


will definitely be purchasing a subway gift card. not only will that be useful but I buy all my MP3's from amazon.


If you have a Discover Card, keep in mind that you earn 5% cash back for online purchases. I don't see an obvious exclusion for gift cards in the fine print.


@gig103: I don't think you will have a problem. I make all my Amazon purchases with a rewards card...


Any idea how long this will be offered? I didn't see an end date for this, only an expiration date for the mp3 credit. I get paid next week and would rather wait until then - what do you think the odds are that it will still be available?


@adelas: How do you pay for your Amazon purchases? If it is by credit card, no problem. Just purchase the gift card of your choice and pay for it on your normal cycle...

Most of these type deals are very limited and could go away at any time. If you want it, I would grab it quickly...


Good selection of gift cards. It was money I was going to spend anyway, so why not get some free music out of it?


Be wary of I was just screwed & have a credit card dispute w/ them. Check out before purchasing from them. I wish I had.


Keep in mind that is just brokering a deal for you to buy a gift card from someone else that is looking to get rid of it. They don't validate that the card actually has that value on it. There have been issues as you might expect.


@bowlingb: They guarantee the card's stated value for a limited period. (60 days maybe? Check the FAQ.) Definitely a good idea to verify $$ when it arrives AND just before you plan to use it.


@bowlingb: thanks. I was going to purchase a southwest gift card on there for an upcoming trip. you probably saved me some frustration.