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I don't have any experience with this item, but Monoprice is awesome for HDMI cables I've got in the past, and their shipping is super fast.


It's a really good price but the shipping charges kill the deal for me.


The shipping charge on 3 is 1.40 more than S&H on 1, so still a great deal if you buy several.


@strongh2o: If you add on other items it works out well - and there's always about 6 dozen things at Monoprice I "need" :)


I have this exact model. It's pretty amazing! The little clear plastic things that say GROUNDED and PROTECTED glow a nice green color. Not bright enough to light up your room, but it adds a little ambiance I guess.Outlets are nicely spaced for wall warts, and there are little switch plates to block ports, if you have tiny prying fingers in the vicinity.

The USB ports are rated at 2.1A (not sure they could both output it at the same time, and I have no way to test). I don't have a way to test exactly what amperage they output, but it's enough current to charge my Touchpad (which says it requires 2.1A) while running WebOS. For some reason, CM7 won't charge on it though. I'm not sure if it's pickier about amperage, or if the charging functionality on the nightly build I installed wasn't up to par.

Regardless, I have charged my MP3 player, e-ink Kindle, phone, external battery pack, wireless keyboard, etc etc. I love it.


I would never buy from Monoprice again. The hubs didn't work. The USB cord fell apart in my hand, and the surge protector like the one advertised here didn't come with the mounting screws that I spent 20 minutes on the phone to Monoprice to make sure they did. The guy said if I plugged in more than one thing the hub might not work. I explained that the purpose of a hub is to plug in more than one thing. When I tried to return these items, they said I needed a return number, and then sent me to several different links which produced nothing. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. I finally called Paypal, who sent them the complaint. Monoprice flat out refused to let me return these items. I notified Monoprice about 3 days after I received them. So now I am appealing through Paypal. They are awful I should have gone to a retail store. I would have returned them the next day and would have been done. Good luck if you buy anything from Monoprice.


@strongh2o: If you are lucky enough to live in the California Overnight service area (CA, AZ, and NV if I'm not mistaken), the shipping is cheap and fast.


It's sad that we need this many outlets, but I am looking at this. My current 10-outlet surge protector is 1 short of what I need. (I unplug the fan when I want to use the shredder.)

And also the big RESET button in the middle of it is responsive enough to turn off when my kitten scampers across it.


@easygoingal: No offense, man, but screws is kind of a lame reason to hate them. Any standard screw will fit just fine, and while I understand it's the principal of the matter, it seems a little like throwing the baby out with the bath water to me. Are you sure the guy wasn't talking about plugging more than one power-hungry device in at a time? That can commonly bring hubs to their knees.

You might have just gotten lemons or something. I've purchased about 7 pairs of headphones (all of which still work; some of which were given as gifts to happy new owners), 2 of these surge protectors, a 17" backpack, an external USB battery pack, and countless cables. Never had a problem with any of them. I'm actually consistently amazed with the quality. Not trying to discount your story, just throwing my history with them in here as well.


Surge protector must get in a lot of trouble as he is currently grounded.


I don't have this exact surge protector, but I have bought a few from monoprice in the past. Always been happy with their products and selection. Yeah shipping is steep if you're only ordering one or two items. When I need something from their site I'll usually ask friends and family to see if they need something (everyone always ends up needing a cheap cable or two) and I'll pool our orders together and split the shipping, (shipping starts out high but doesn't go up much when the order gets really big)

Only cables from them that I've had wear out quickly were a 5 pack of iPhone charging cables I bought for 6 bucks. 3 of them wore out within 6 months. Given the fact that I paid $1.25 a cable and Apple charges $20 I wasn't complaining.


Think about getting some extra cables to off set shipping... You can not go wrong with a USB extension cable


kikuichimoji Of course, if not including the mounting screws, even after a long wait and a specific question about it to Monoprice, were the only thing, I would probably not have a problem with Monoprice, but it wasn't. It was the whole experience. I still do not have my refund, and I don't know what it is going to take, but when everything is looked at together, including no mounting pieces, it tells a different story. I would never buy from them again. They simply don't stand behind their products. Maybe your experience was different, but this was my experience..


And, the absolute worst part is that Monoprice wouldn't make good on it, or stand behind their products.


In for 1 for sure. All the bottom sockets on all the outlets in my family room are controlled by a light switch, so this will work great for my home theater where I have 11 different devices.

I've NEVER had an issue with Monoprice. Shipping has always been fast, if a tad on the expensive side. Their device prices make up for the extra shipping. I've ordered gigabit switches, a ton of cables, power adapters, etc, from them and never had any problems with them failing. If you read the comments on their items, those that had problems with them almost always had the issue resolved to their satisfaction.


@easygoingal: I am truly sorry for the inconvenience you've encountered with our products. Here at, we take your reviews and concerns very seriously so we want to make sure you are properly assisted. We stand by our products 100% so if there's even one slight snag your come across please let us know. If you want to contact me, you can send me your order# information as well as your RMA# to so we can look into your issue further.

In regards to the hub, keep in mind that the maximum output of both ports is 2.1A so while you'll be able to charge 2 smartphones that take 1A each. You will not be able to charge 2 power hungry tablets if they require 2A each as that will exceed the 2.1A max. I hope this clarifies it for you. Feel free to contact me as well as anybody else if you have questions. Thanks! =)
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I have never had issue with Momoprice, the shipping is a bit much for me, that's why I go elsewhere. It seems their cheap prices are made up via shipping costs. But that is just business. The company has always been fine when I used it.


@ericpost: It depends where you are in the US. Shipping to AZ is overnight, and is dirt cheap. My last order was $47, with a total of 8 items, and overnight shipping was $5.63.

True story.

Also, it's nice to see Monoprice jump in here to help people out. I love when companies take interest in things like that!


@easygoingal: Wow, you really are easy going! Just get an RMA# and knock off the PayPal complaint. It is not a hub, it is a charger with USB ports. It would be nice if they did not share the amperage, but you could always just use the power plug. I'm in for 1 if I can get someone else to order 1 and split the shipping. I have ordered from them a few times with no problem and great prices.